When participating in Siege you will receive certain prices for beating your enemys. The basic price for participating is Red Essence, the main currency in Bastion Flyff.

The range of Red Essence you can get in one siege is 25-500. This value depends on your performance in Siege . In addition to that, every time you shut down anyone from their killstreak, you get 1 Red Essence Box, which can contain up to 25 more Red Essence (will be bonus to the max. 500 Red Essence you can reach by just playing).When you kill a very strong enemy who got to a 10-Playerkillstreak, you will receive 2 of the Red Essence Boxes.

That's it for the shutdowns, now what happens when

you're on such a killstreak? You will get 1 Red Essence Box at the 3-Killstreak and 5-Killstreak. At a 7-Killstreak you will receive a Blue Gem and at a 10-Killstreak you will receive a Purple Gem (once per Siege only). Both can be used at the Crafting Manager to get some awesome cloaks.

At the end of the Siege you randomly get a Red Essence Box or a Blue/Purple Gem. And if you're a victorious with your guild, you will get Crown Coins for winning the crown (amount is based on your points in Siege). This Crown Coins can be spend at the Red Essence Merchant to obtain PVP Fashion Sets, which are customized to the strengths of the class. If you're the most valuable player (most points in Siege) you will get MVP Coins, which can be used for the best PVP weapons (amount is based on your score in Siege).