Skill Weapon Type Description Bonus
Pulling Pulling Yo-Yos Single Skill Brings a target to you using Yo-Yo. N/A
Junk Arrow Junk Arrow Bows Single Skill Fire arrows wildly. N/A
Slow Step Slow Step Yo-Yos Single Skill Slows an enemy. N/A
Fast Walker Fast Walker Bows, Yo-Yos Buff Increases running speed. Speed +15%
Bow Mastery Bow Mastery Bows Buff Increases damage done with a Bow. Increased Attack Power (Bow) +1000
Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yos Buff Increases damage done with a Yo-Yo. Increased Attack Power (Yo-Yo) +1000
Cross Line Cross Line Yo-Yos Single Skill A Yo-Yo strike that can cause stun. N/A
Dark Illusion Dark Illusion Bows, Yo-Yos Buff Become Invisible for a short time. Invisibility for 7 seconds, Damage Reduction +25%
Silent Shot Silent Shot Bows Single Skill A surprise attack that does more damage during Dark Illusion. N/A
Aimed Shot Aimed Shot Bows Single Skill Slow shot that has a chance to deal double damage. N/A
Snatch Snatch Yo-Yos Single Skill Steal penya from a target while in Dark Illusion. Attack from behind. N/A
Counter Attack Counter Attack Yo-Yos Single Skill Counters an attack and absorbs all damage at a short range. N/A
Auto Shot Auto Shot Bows Single Skill Rapid shot that can Blind an enemy. N/A
Perfect Block Perfect Block Bows, Yo-Yos Buff Increases block rate. Ranged and Melee Block +7%
Arrow Rain Arrow Rain Bows Single Skill Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time. N/A
Deadly Swing Deadly Swing Yo-Yos Single Skill Strong Yo-yo blast. Chance to make the enemy lose health over time. N/A